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Ontario’s Source for Anodized Aluminum

We offer Type II (Conventional) and Type III (Military Hard) rack anodizing on aluminum parts with a Class 1, non-dyed (clear) finish or a Class 2, dyed finish in black, blue, red. We also offer brown, gold, gray, green, olive drab, purple and yellow as custom colours. These custom colours and others can be installed with a small lead time, at an additional cost.

Anodizing has great corrosion resistance and is used for both industrial and decorative purposes. It creates a hard, porous layer of aluminum oxide on and into the surface of the parts. This layer can be subsequently dyed any number of colours.

Type III Military Hard Coating is only used where extreme wear resistance or corrosion protection is required. Parts done in hardcoat are not decorative and can only be dyed in shades darker then the coating. Type III coatings that are undyed will range in colour from light gray, green and bronze to almost black depending on the thickness and the aluminum alloy being anodized. Parts to be anodized should have radiuses on internal and external corners because anodic coatings will develop voids at sharp corners.

We do anodizing to MIL-A-8625F Type II and Type III, Class I or II or equivalent. Thicknesses range from 0.00007"- 0.001" for Type II and 0.0005"-0.0045" for Type III. Please let us know if you require a Certificate of Compliance.

If you need more information about anodized aluminum in London or elsewhere in Ontario, please contact us.

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