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Nickel Plating: Ontario’s Source for Watts, Sulfamate & Bright Nickel

Precision Plating offers rack, barrel and wired nickel plating on steel, brass, copper, and cast iron.

We plate with three kinds of nickel:

  • Bright nickel
    • Used for industrial, engineering and decorative purposes

    • Brighteners added to bath can produce mirror-like finish

    • Good toughness and strength

    • Higher hardness than our other nickels

  • Sulfamate nickel
    • Pure plating containing no brighteners

    • Used as a pre-plate on electrical contacts before precious metal layer

We do nickel plating to QQ-N-290 or equivalent. Thicknesses range from 0.0002"- 0.0016".

To get a quote on nickel plating, please call our plating facility in London, Ontario.

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