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Tin Plating for Solderability and Other Uses

Precision Plating offers barrel, rack and wired tin plating on steel, brass and copper in our London facility. If tin plating is required on brass parts, we will add a barrier plate of nickel or copper to keep the brass from migrating through the tin, as that would cause poisoning of the tin. You must specify if you do not want the nickel or copper barrier plate.

Tin is used as a base for soldering, to prevent galling or seizing, for corrosion resistance and to prevent the formation of a case during nitriding. We do tin plating as per MIL-T-10727B and ASTM-B 545, Type I or equivalent. Thickness can range from a flash of 0.0001" to 0.0006". Higher thicknesses are possible, if required. Please let us know if you require a Certificate of Compliance.

If you have any questions regarding tin plating, feel free to contact us.

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